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Rainy - mini pom pom trim

Lady Dot

Rainy - mini pom pom trim


Hand Dyed by Lady Dot Creates. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!

Rainy is an unusual shade in that there are hints of gray, light blue, green, and beige depending on the section. It's hand dyed so there is color variation that's just gorgeous

particulars: hand-dyed mini pom pom trim, 100% polyester, 2 continuous yards presented in a glassine bag.

it's tiny and precise, with a few snips it come right off that banding, perfect for edgings on pincushions and other stitched pieces - it fills in the gaps and is very easy to use. you can glue it, couch it, whip stitch it on to your item

hand-dyed product - NOT guaranteed colorfast. 2 yards