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Croakworth Cross Stitch Chart

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Croakworth Cross Stitch Chart


Cross Stitch chart by Ink Circles. Fast Free Shipping

From the designer:
In 2007, Ink Circles brought you a Quacker-style sampler in the antique tradition of the Quackworth School. It has come to surface that the local amphibians attending the Croakworth School have had a long-standing tradition of their own...

62 x 192 stitch count.

Stitched in Valdani threads on Pear (right) and as a monochrome on Luna (left) linens by Lakeside Linens.

ERRATA: Be it senility, dsylexia, or a DMC color card from the Twilight Zone, somehow the printed charts have a few non-existent DMC numbers cited as references to the Valdani Colors used. Please note, the Antique Violet color is nearest 3041 and Chimney Dust is nearest 3781. My apologies. - T