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antique sampler patterns
antique sampler patterns
vintage cross stitch sampler
cross stitch antique style sampler

Hands Across The Sea

Anne Ogden 1843


From Hands Across the Sea! Anne’s sampler--finished in the year 1843--does not give her age, but the charming scene she has created with her needle and some thread can be nothing other than a young girl’s depiction of an idyllic way for her to dream away a summer’s afternoon. You can imagine Ann sat in her mother’s flower filled garden in the shade of a lofty tree, dressed in her best party frock with matching bead necklace and earrings. Curled next to her is her cat gently purring with contentment, whilst her King Charles spaniel, yapping joyfully, plays with her two pet lambs. You can almost hear the bird song on that long ago summer’s afternoon and smell the heady scent of the rose in her hand. I wonder if she is waiting for her beau to call?